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    Step 1. School requests an Accreditation Handbook (Completed request form and Handbook fee are required at this time)

    Applicant - Level I

    Step 2. School evaluates its level of operation relative to the Standards for accreditation
    Step 3. School completes and submits "Application" and "Letter of Intent"
    (Application fee is required at this time)
    Step 4. MSAC Manager reviews forms and notifies school of acceptance as an Applicant
    Step 5. School begins process of Self-Study as outlined in the Accreditation Handbook
    Step 6. School completes Self-Study Notebook requirements

    Applicant - Level II

    Step 7. School notifies MSAC Manager when Self-Study is completed and ready for review
    (School sends in Self-Study - Review fee required at this time)
    Step 8. MSAC Manager reviews the Self-Study for compliance with the requirements
    Step 9. (If necessary) School has opportunity to amend its Self-Study and re-submit
    Step 10. MSAC Manager determines documentation is complete and that school is ready for On-Site visit

    Candidacy - Level I

    Step 11. MSAC Manager assigns On-Site Team and determines expenses
    Step 12. School receives written contract regarding cost of On-Site visit
    (Contract is signed and returned with payment in full)
    Step 13. On-Site visit is scheduled for mutually agreeable date(s)
    Step 14. On-Site Team visits school
    Step 15. On-Site Team sends report to MSAC Manager

    Candidacy - Level II

    Step 16. MSAC manager sends all reports and recommendations to the assigned MSAC Commissioner
    Step 17. MSAC Commissioner reviews all reports and recommendations
    Step 18. MSAC Commissioner sends written recommendation to full Commission
    Step 19. Full MSAC Commission votes for Accreditation if school is in full compliance or Provisional if there are areas where compliance needs to be strengthened

    Accredited Level

    Step 20. School receives full Accreditation for 5 years

    Provisional Level

    Step 20. School receives Provisional level for up to 2 years

    Outline of Procedure for moving from Provisional to Accredited

    Step 1. Within 2 years school corrects deficiencies and submits documentation to MSAC Manager (Additional fee required for re-submission)
    Step 2. MSAC Manager reviews corrections. At this time the Committee will decide whether to require a site visit before sending to full Commission for final vote.
    Step 2a. If a site visit is required, MSAC Manager sets up site visit
    Step 2b. School receives written contract regarding cost of site visit (Contract is signed and returned with payment in full)
    Step 2c. Site visit report is filed and sent to the Commission with recommendation
    Step 3. Full MSAC Commission reviews and votes
    Step 4. Accreditation is approved or denied

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