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    Mission and Purpose
    Functions of MSAC Personnel
       On-Site Team
       Board of Directors

    Overview of Accreditation Standards
    Outline of Accreditation Process
    Accreditation Requirements
    Explanation of Self-Study Process
    Explanation of Review Process
    Explanation of On-Site Process
    Explanation of Commission Evaluation Process
    Term of Accreditation
    Term as Provisional
    Annual Reports
    Major Changes
    Accreditation Renewal
    Appeal and Grievance Procedures
    Non-Discrimination Policy
    Conflicts of Interest
    MSAC Member Schools
    Participation of MSAC Member Schools
    Review and Evaluation of MSAC Standards

    Standard I: Mission and Purpose
       1.1 Mission Statement
       1.2 Educational Philosophy
       1.3 Educational Goals
       Self-Study Notebook Requirements

    Standard II: Administrative and Legal Operations
       2.1 Organizational Structure
       2.2 State Licenses and Permits
       2.3 Local Licenses and Permits
       2.4 Insurance
       2.5 Statement of Non-Discrimination
       2.6 Master Plan
       2.7 Strategic Plan
       Self-Study Notebook Requirements

    Standard III: Fiscal Management and Accountability
       3.1 Financial Viability
       3.2 Financial Management
       3.3 Financial Planning/Resource Development
            Self-Study Notebook Requirements

    Standard IV: Personnel
       4.1 General Guidelines
             Unit or Classroom
             Adult/Child Ratios
             MSAC Qualified Head Teacher/Student Ratios
       4.2 Administrator/Head Teacher Guidelines
             Early Childhood
             Elementary I
             Elementary II
             Secondary I
       4.3 Assistants, Special Programs and Daycare Staff
       4.4 Personnel Summary
       4.5 Personnel Applications and Contracts
       4.6 Personnel Files
       4.7 Personnel Job Descriptions and Performance Evaluations
       4.8 Personnel Handbook Information
       Self-Study Notebook Requirements

    Standard V: Student Policies and Procedures
       5.1 Overview of School 24
       5.2 Application and Fee Policies
       5.3 General School Policies
       5.4 Supervision Policies
       5.5 Student Safety
       5.6 Discipline Policies
       5.7 Assessment of Performance/Grading
       5.8 Student Cumulative Records
      5.9 Parent Involvement
      Self-Study Notebook Requirements

    Standard VI: Curriculum Implementation and Instructional Programs
       6.1 Infant Toddler
       6.2 Early Childhood
       6.3 Elementary I&II
       6.4 Secondary I
       6.5 Age Grouping
       Self-Study Notebook Requirements
           Non-Mobile Infant - Administrator Observation
           Mobile Infant - Administrator Observation
           Toddler - Administrator Observation
           Early Childhood - Administrator Observation
           Elementary I - Administrator Observation
           Elementary II - Administrator Observation
           Secondary I - Administrator Observation

    Standard VII: Instructional Materials and Equipment, Facilities
       7.1 General Guidelines
       7.2 Visual Appearance of the Classroom
       7.3 Layout of Classroom
       7.4 Instructional Materials (Montessori) Available to Children
       7.5 Instructional Materials (Supplementary)
             Available to Children
       7.6 Condition of Materials
       7.7 Organization, Order and Sequencing of Materials
       7.8 Outdoor Environments
       Self-Study Notebook Requirements
            General Infant / Toddler Classroom Checklist
            Non-Mobile Infants Classroom Checklist
            Mobile Infants Classroom Checklist
            Toddler Classroom Checklist
            Early Childhood Classroom Checklist
            Elementary I Classroom Checklist
            Elementary II Classroom Checklist
            Secondary I Classroom Checklist

    Standard VIII: Student Support Services and Extracurricular Activities
       8.1 Policies Regarding Student Support Services
       8.2 Policies Regarding Extracurricular Activities
       Self-Study Notebook Requirements

    Standard IX: Advertising and Publications
       9.1 Legal and Ethical Considerations
       9.2 Advertisements
       9.3 Publications
       Self-Study Notebook Requirements


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