The mission of the Montessori School Accreditation Commission is to provide a professional, nationally recognized accrediting agency through which quality Montessori schools may receive recognition based on standards rather than affiliation.


    The Montessori School Accreditation Commission seeks to fulfill the following purposes:

    1. To serve the needs of the Montessori school community by providing a non-affiliation based school accreditation process. The accreditation process will be available to all Montessori schools that are staffed with certified Montessori teachers, maintain well-equipped classrooms and exemplify the Montessori philosophy and principles in their classrooms.
    2. To provide an accreditation procedure that will assist schools in the process of self evaluation and team building.
    3. To provide a quality assurance protocol that will give Montessori schools recognition for excellence within the educational community and the general public.
    4. To provide qualifying Montessori schools with the approval of a nationally recognized accreditation organization whose standards meet or exceed state regulations, thus making it possible for the schools to apply for local, state or federal funding.
    5. To serve as a vehicle for screening classroom environments suitable for approved teacher education practicum sites.
    6. To provide a needed resource for parents seeking a level of assurance that the school they select meets quality standards set by the Montessori community.
    7. To motivate Montessori schools to evaluate their programs, thus insuring they are operating within the highest of Montessori philosophical and educational standards.

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