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    Standard I

    Mission, Educational Philosophy, and Goals
    A MSAC accredited school must articulate the guidelines by which it operates. These guidelines must be in the form of clearly written statements regarding the school's mission, its educational philosophy, and its short-term and long-term goals.

    Standard II

    Administrative and Legal Operations
    The development of sound administrative practices and leadership ensures ethics, stability, workplace safety, and continuity in the operation of a MSAC accredited school. These practices must be clearly stated for the benefit of the clients and staff.

    Standard III

    Fiscal Management and Accountability
    A MSAC accredited school must show financial viability for continuing operation through the development of sound fiscal plans and systems. These must be in operation and verifiable.

    Standard IV

    The administrators of a MSAC accredited school must have the appropriate education, training, and experience to manage a stable educational institution. The teaching staff must have the appropriate degrees and certification to teach at the level for which they are hired. The non-instructional personnel must have appropriate job-related qualifications.

    Standard V

    Student Policies and Procedures
    The school shall provide accurate and comprehensive information to enrolled families. The school must show that it has implemented appropriate and effective student policies sufficient to operate a quality Montessori program in accordance with accepted educational practices.

    Standard VI

    Curriculum Implementation and Instructional Program
    The school shall develop a comprehensive curriculum and instructional program based on the Montessori philosophy that offers high educational standards. These standards shall be clearly defined for the benefit of the children, parents, staff and the educational community. The school may use supplementary programs that are deemed necessary to enhance the basic core curriculum for their student population.

    Standard VII

    Facilities, Instructional Materials and Equipment
    The school must provide quality facilities, materials, equipment and learning resources appropriate for the age levels of the children it serves.

    Standard VIII

    Student Support Services and Extracurricular Activities
    A MSAC accredited school must carefully evaluate the needs of its student population and provide the services and activities necessary to enhance the students' school experience. The school must clearly articulate how these services and activities are selected and monitored by the school administration.

    Standard IX

    Advertising and Publications
    All advertising and school publications must be presented in a truthful and professional manner.

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